LaTramun renovates most part of the track. The singletrack paradise is even better.

LaTramun renovates most part of the track. The singletrack paradise is even better.

Pin the 14th of October on your racing calendar, you will share trails with the top MTB Marathon riders of the moment.

It is the best race of the UCI Marathon Series. These are words of riders who have raced across the world, like the Belgian Sebastien CARABIN, winner of the 2016 edition and one of the riders who have travelled the globe doing bike marathon races.

There is no doubt that what makes LaTramun different than other races is its track. A route in which the trails are the common thread in this mountain bike event that you will remember forever. This is why the organisers put a great effort on improving the track year after year. This 2018 will be no exception. LaTramun will be longer than the previous editions, reaching 77 kilometres. It will keep its traditional point to point format, with the start in Sant Esteve de Bas and finish in Girona, using freshly open trails and increasing the cumulative climb, especially on the first half of the track.

For those who dare to do the full version of the LaTramun they will face 2.530 metres of climb and 2.932 metres of cumulative descent. From the peak of the race at 1.120 metres of altitude to the 66 metres over sea level in the sports hall of Fontajau, the finish line.

The new track of LaTramun starts in a different village: Sant esteve de Bas. After just a few metres, riders will tackle a new climb, completely on tarmac, up to Xenacs. This climb with stunning views will allow the race to stretch out before the 4 km of brutally fun descent down a single-track with stones, slabs and steps. A great warm up for all what will be awaiting ahead of us.

Next we face a new climb, also with sections of single-track, which will take us to the spot in which we abandoned the tarmac on the start of last year’s edition, entering the impressive forest which will take us the the highest point of the race. Riders who have come before will be familiar with this climb and the final part passes through some of the best trails of the race, rolling along the emblematic surroundings of the “enchanted rocks”, the Coll de Condreu path. This is where we start the same descent as in the last editions, but half way down we turn off to find some challenging sections of climb, well rewarded with a magnificent view of the region. We keep linking a trail to the next, always with a downwards tendency but with bits of climb which will require all of our strength. This brings us to the Hostal del Fang, the start point of LaTramun XCC, the shorter version of the race.

From this point there are 33 km to go until the finish line, and the style of LaTramun changes completely. Long climbs have come to an end, and what is left is a succession of trails with an overall loss of altitude but full of climbs too. All with one thing in common, they are so much fun you can’t even imagine. 77.45 km after the start in Sant Esteve de Bas you will arrive to the sports hall of Fontajau with a huge smile from having finished one of the most spectacular races in the world.


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