La Tramun2018


October, 14th 2018

For its twentieth edition, the track is renovated once again. This year the riders will go back to the climb of Xenacs, which had been a classic one in many of the previous editions. Next they will cross over to the Vall d’en Bas and then head to Coll d’Úria after getting to the top of a very hard singletrack to Coll de la Miranda.

From coll d’Úria, a broken climb followed by a rollercoaster in the unique beech forest, take the riders to La Salut. From there, they will head to the Enchanted Rocks through the Pla d’Armadans, with a descent in the dry leaves, carved on the hill, down to Coll de Condreu.

Three kilometres of rutted trails below the crag of El Far take us to the freshly opened 8 km descent with 600 m of vertical drop, with the quality signature of Fidel Freixes, passing through Sant Martí Sacalm in the county of La Selva. After, riders will climb 1.5 km to regain some altitude and then go down a twisty descent to l’Hostal del Fang, with a technically demanding bottom part. There is where the main feed zone will be awaiting, it is a bailout point and also the start of the XCC race.

From there, there is a completely renovated track up to Puig Elena, and then a rocky and technical descent through the crags of Sant Roc.

After crossing the road of Les Serres, the altimetry is not so daunting, but the final section will not give riders a break and the trails on the foothills of Sant Grau will be hard on the legs with so many kilometres on them.


Race Number Collection

Saturday afternoon during briefing: from 17:00 to 20:00 in Girona – Fontajau


LaTramunUCI On the Start Line area in Sant Esteve de Bas from 07.15 to 08.00h

LaTramunXCC On the Start Line area in L’Hostal del Fang  from 07.15 to 08.00h

The race number comes in a race pack with gifts and  La Tramun T-shirt.

Transport Service

The Organization offers transport for bicycles and riders from Girona to Hostalets and El Fang. Riders can leave their belongings in a bag at the start area and it will be brought to Girona.

6:30 Departure of the transport from Girona to Sant Esteve de Bas  LaTramunUCI.

6:45 Departure of the transport from Girona to L’Hostal del Fang. LaTramunXCC


There will be parking available in Girona, Hostalets andSant Esteve de Bas. Just follow the instructions of the Organization members.

During the Race

Follow the instructions from the organization members and the rules published on this webpage. Also the rules regarding respect to the environment. Race will be cut off at the control point in El Fang (at Km 35 approx.) at 13.30 h. There is a total of 7 feed stations with drinks and food (melon and watermelon, bananas, energy bars…)

Withdrawal / Accident

Withdrawals and accidents must be notified to the organization members. There is a rescue protocol for accidents. Call the phone number you will find on the race number.




  • Transport Services

    Transport to the starting line. Transport of a bag with personal belongings from Hostalets and El Fang to the finish area.

  • Timekeeping

    The race will be timed and there will be up to 6 control areas. The position of every rider can be tracked real time from the finish area. Results published on the same day. Distance marks every 10 km.

  • Bike Repair Service

    The bike shops in Girona provide mechanical assistance in each of the ‘big’ feeding stations.

  • Food Stations

    Food and drink will be provided in 7 feeding zones. (Watermelon, melon, energy bars, isotonic drink, etc.)

  • After Race Food

    There will be food for all participants at the big tent on the finish area. Tickets for food will be available for family and friends who want to join the riders.

  • Massage Service

    Massage service provided by the staff at Therapy and the EUSES School.

  • Showers and Toilets

    The participants can use the facilities of the Girona Fontajau sports hall.

  • Bicycle wash

    Hoses for washing to the arrival.

  • Comercial Zone

    Free acces for all companies.

  • Entertainment to the arrival

    With complementary activities.

  • On-line Race Following

    You will follow the split times of the riders in each point of the route on the arrival line.


XCC RACE -Tramunkids

El Diumenge dia 25 d'abril portarem a terme les curses ajornades XCC i Tramunkids. Donada la restricció de mobilitat tots els participants rebreu un justificant de desplaçament.

El domingo dia 25 de abril llevaremos a cabo las carreras aplazadas XCC y Tramunkids. Dadas las restricciones de movilidad todos los participantes recibireis un justificante de desplazamiento.