The Tramunkids, as a part of La Tramun events, is a race for the younger ones. This year there will be three different tracks for the different categories.
The race will take place in the circuit prepared beside the Fontajau Sports Hall. Registrations are from 09:15 to 10:15 h. The activities will start after that.


License control and  Race number collection: From   9:15 at  10:15h  Start of races: 10:30 h first race.

Category Track Laps Distància
Prebenjamins  500 m 2 laps 1 km
Benjamins  1 km 2 laps 2 km
Principiant  2 km 2 laps 4 km
Alevins  2 km 3 laps 6 km

Prices: Prize-giving at 13:00 h of each category and a gift for all kids.


All participants and non-participants of the races are welcome to take part in the BIKE TEST for boys and girls from 3 to 15 years of age.

Our expert instructors will run the following non-competitive activities:

– Adventure park

– Obstacle track

– Trials track

– Animation and recreational area.


Children without a racing license are also welcome to the activities.

The lunch after the activities is included in the registration fee. Friends and family can also get food tickets when the online registration is made.

It is also possible to register on the day of the events, but we cannot guarantee that everybody will get the gift package on the same day.

The organizers reserve the right to change the programme if it is necessary for the correct development of the activities.

All activities will be open during the day of La Tramun.


XCC RACE -Tramunkids

El Diumenge dia 25 d'abril portarem a terme les curses ajornades XCC i Tramunkids. Donada la restricció de mobilitat tots els participants rebreu un justificant de desplaçament.

El domingo dia 25 de abril llevaremos a cabo las carreras aplazadas XCC y Tramunkids. Dadas las restricciones de movilidad todos los participantes recibireis un justificante de desplazamiento.